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SEO-driven Copywriting & Strategy for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

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Connect and Convert Your Target Customers

Get search rankings that drive targeted customers to your site.

Compelling copywriting is a powerful way to uplevel your business. It generates qualified leads that are “worth your time.” You’ll finally see customized traffic who is ready for your products and services.

Optimized writing works for BOTH search engines and your CUSTOMERS. It improves the perceived-customer value of your brand.

Convincing copy demonstrates why to choose you!  

It accentuates what stands out in your business. It positions you as the expert in your field and uses content and social proof as EVIDENCE. It allows you to truly connect and engage with your current and future audience.

I’m here to stimulate growth and drive traffic to your site and social channels. I want to help you improve how you connect and engage with your audience and focus on results.


Marketer targeting customers & dominate niche

1. Target Your Customers

The 1st step is to strategize about the best approach for targeting your customers. We focus on effective marketing communication strategies and listen to market research and audience preferences. I help you find your audiences voice.

This allows you to target your marketing efforts cost-effectively. I then craft messages that appeal specifically to your defined audience and focus on those most likely to purchase your product.

I commit to dominating your niche and better serving your customers with relevant advertising and messaging. As you understand your’ customers better, you’ll see higher conversions and ROI. 

2. Build Brand Authority

I start with targeting customers, but the way to grow is to improve your brand authority (the perceived ability and expertise within an industry, topic or field)

I strategize and implement positioning you as the expert in your niche. You start to solve your customer’s problems and demonstrate credibility as the go-to in your field. We focus on what your audience wants and needs, and how you can serve them, which automatically builds trust and rapport. 

This, in turn, will attract clients, improve your online reputation, and increase your brand recognition and image. This then drives rankings.

Determine brand voice and identity+ how to express
Use compelling copy to boost brand performance and revenue

3. Boost Your Revenue

Compelling copy takes you to the next level. It has no bounds with testing and a commitment to copywriting. As you target customers and improve your brand authority, you see a surge in traffic, conversions, and revenue. 

I collaborate and create on all content types and platforms.

I perform done for you copywriting services as well as packages to support a DIY service model as well.


Brands Who Trust Hope

What Does It Look Like to

Preview the STEPS:

My process is simple and efficient.

I honor project timelines, communicate effectively, and deliver results.

1. Consultation & Questionnaire

If you’re ready to start now,

 Go ahead and jump into the questionnaire


 Schedule a 30-Min. complimentary consultation call


 A sense of your brand, goals, and how I can best help

And gain a solid understanding of your project 

—scope, needs, goals, timeline —

Preview the steps of working with copywriter from San Diego
Proposal, Contract, and Down Payment for Copywriting project

2. Proposal & Contract

I’ll send you over a proposal based on my current impression of your products or services, brand, goals, and how I can help! 

Once you accept the proposal and sign the agreement, I’ll finalize your project kickoff date and you’ll make a 50% deposit.

Now, we’re in business…

3. “1st Draft Completion”

Next, I complete extensive market research, including a competitive analysis & deep dive into your target audience including customer feedback.

Then, I’ll send you the outline.

 It will be a detailed summary outline to give you a clear understanding of the breakdown, plan for messaging, and concepts for each section of copy. 

Once you review the outline and approve, I’ll work my magic to produce an impressive first draft by our scheduled deadline.

1st Draft of Copywriting Services completed

4. Edits & Collaboration

After you receive the 1st draft of “copy”, it’s your’

turn now…

You’ll have a chance to:

  • Request changes
  • Write comments 
  • Ask questions 
  • Share feedback

And together we’ll transform it into the “Master Copy”

* I account for editing time in our original timeline… 

Your copy will include detailed, easy-to-understand recommendations for:

Images and Layout:

In addition:

  • I can provide a designer whom I partner with on projects 
  • I love to work with your already preferred designer + developer

Plus, I’ll stick around to collaborate on the rollout as desired.

5. Deliver “Final Copy”

Once I incorporate our edits, I polish and perfect 

 until we’re both over the moon about the results.

Upon receipt of the final draft, you’ll be charged the remaining 50%.

Deliver final copy to client promptly

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