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Prove Your Authority & Positioning

Expand Your Brand’s Influence + Voice

Profit From Conversions

SEO-driven Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Demonstrate Your Expertise.

Connect & Engage With Your Target Audience. Express Your Brands’ Strengths. Profit From Conversions.

Develop A Strategic Game Plan For Content Marketing

That Ticks Off All Your’ Boxes

When it comes to content marketing, businesses are fighting to get NOTICED and stand out among the competition and noise!

     To be successful at content marketing, you need to focus on your target market.

     I help you understand what questions your customers are asking, what they’re really looking for, the nagging problems that keep them up at night, how to solve them, and what they’re searching for online. 

     We dive into customer motivations, psyche, and behaviors to best leverage marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

If you’re looking for a scalable way to build your brand and take your business to the next level, this is a serious long-term strategy that delivers proven results.

It takes a consistent approach to see the power of content marketing. If you think you’re ready, become the next client success story. 

Show how you can differentiate your business and leverage targeted traffic and promotions.

Leverage Your Brands Image + Voice

Connect, Learn From, & Convert Your Ideal Customers.

Strategize & Execute On Specific, Actionable, & Measurable Marketing Goals.

Increase Traffic

Content Marketing is powerful because marketers can drive and direct traffic the way they want and customize the types of people who are targeted. Creating and promoting strategic content makes a big impact in your niche when done right. 

I help you differentiate your brand and message as well as position you as the expert in your niche. We collaborate and create consistent content to prove it to your audience.

I help you learn what words and phrases should be optimized and help you incorporate it into your content naturally.

The Results?

After a short series of long-form blog posts, a recent real estate client boosted their site traffic 57%.

Improve Conversions

I help you turn your’ new steady stream of traffic into qualified leads. You’ll see an increased conversion rate and customers ready to purchase, and choose you. 

We reorganize your site, socials, and published content to minimize clutter and maximize SEO and targeted marketing opportunities. We develop customized lead magnets targeted for your ideal customers which quickly and directly increases your subscribers. 

I help create hype and attention around your brand and social engagement, we deliver by solving a massive problem for your key customers. Next I help you leverage that audience base to strategically sell.

We dive deep to understand your clients like never before and we offer your customers relief and satisfaction for the problems they face leading to scalable profits.

Implement Funnels

Content marketing packs the most power when it comes to the long term benefits of scalable traffic, growing subscribers, and recurring organic traffic with minimal maintenance required. 

The content I produce for your business allows you to build an entire foundation of high quality optimized content that will continue to bring in leads for years to come. 

I develop evergreen content which allows it to be viewed at any time, staying relevant, helpful, and thorough. 

We set up funnels where appropriate and allow conversions to happen naturally and consistently on auto-pilot. This allows you to have a passive approach while maintaining the marketing results you’ve been wanting.

My client's recent product launch pulled in over 6-figures as a result of our content marketing.

Brands Who Trust Hope

What To Expect When

Preview the STEPS:

My process is simple and efficient.

I honor project timelines, communicate effectively, and deliver results.

1. Consultation

Complimentary Consultation

Go ahead and jump into the questionnaire OR Schedule a 30-Min. complimentary consultation call

The consultations also help YOU get an understanding of content marketing and the opportunities for your business specifically, my role in helping you develop, expand, and achieve your marketing goals.

2. Research

Market Research

Next, I dive deep into your content’s:

 Rankings. Performance. Market Analysis.

I identify and optimize current blogs, site + other marketing materials and copy along with missed traffic opportunities.

We build recurring long-term organic traffic to your site through:

3. Content

Create SEO Pillar & Cluster Content

I write the cornerstone content that will position you as the expert in your niche. You’ll be known as the go-to authority in your niche for this topic.


This is referred to as pillar and cluster content. It serves directly to answer a specific question or solve a specific problem for your target audience thoroughly and comprehensively.

Pillar Content:

Can be 2,000-5,000 word content which covers a topic in its entirety via in-depth articles with primary and subtopics that are linked together.

Cluster Content:

Focuses on narrow topics related to the pillar page.

We’ll cover topics that matter to your audience and will help you rank in search. High quality, thorough pillar posts that outrank your competitors are essential for increased traffic and a strong foundation for link-building and promotions.  

I’ll utilize strategic search engine optimized to your site structure, content map, and link building plan.

Improve User Experience,

Stand Out from Clutter,


Boost Search Performance

4. Promotion

Strategic Ongoing Promotion + Link Building

The best blog or web page on earth won’t get noticed if it’s not promoted. Content marketers have to balance the effort of creating content with promoting content, and in this case, best practices suggests at least 80% of effort dedicated to promotion.

We focus our efforts strategically to get the most out of promotion opportunities. I specialize in link building and developing your authority for customers and algorithms. A diverse link network sets businesses apart and ensures high quality traffic.

Here are some strategies we utilize:

Promotion is an integral part of any successful content marketing. I help you maximize promoting this content through strategic channels that offer leverage based on your needs.



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